We’ve moved!!

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Exciting times, we’ve actually moved into the new studio!!!

(no workmen we're hurt during the process)

A huge thanks to the University of Essex for the wonderful new spaces we have. It’s better laid out, gives us access to a meeting room and much bigger!

From our humble beginnings of 15 amazing people willing to take a chance and give it everything they helped establish something truely special, we now have almost 60 people following in their footsteps.

After a bit of rearrangement (thanks for lugging all the stuff around everyone!) we’ve now got an awesome much deserved space for all and more.


Last week saw the formation of the new teams and some really great discussions on games, designs and what everyone can’t wait to do throughout this next round. There are some exception ideas and brilliant people taking part and we’ll say it again, it’s going to be an exciting and outstanding time!!