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We have computers! And Louise from Marketing Fox gives a talk

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With a huge amount of thanks to the University of Essex we’re over the moon to now have our own computers for the teams! This makes a huge difference to everyone and even better makes us even more open to people who want to take part in the next round.

IMG_20160406_095438_1280x720 IMG_20160406_100138_1280x720

The teams were also given a wonderful talk with a good mix of discussion by Louise from Marketing Fox on all things, well, marketing! Everything from social media to advertising along with a good dose of self reflection on where and what the teams are currently doing and planning on doing in the future.

IMG_20160406_131216_1280x720 IMG_20160406_131226_1280x720 IMG_20160406_131245_1280x720 IMG_20160406_131254_1280x720 IMG_20160406_134624_1280x720 IMG_20160406_134628_1280x720 IMG_20160406_151139_1280x720 IMG_20160406_151143_1280x720 IMG_20160406_151145_1280x720

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