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Presentation skills with Barclays

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Andy Murphy from Barclays (joined by Simon and Gareth) gave the teams and excellent presentation on, well, presentation skills, covering everything from what you wear, through how you speak to the importance of a smiling.

IMG_20160615_151821 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_145717 (1280x720)  IMG_20160615_144749 (1280x720)  IMG_20160615_144358 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_144216 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_144121 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_144007 (1280x720)  IMG_20160615_143648 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143623 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143622 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143507 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143424 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143419 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143341 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143326 (1280x720)

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