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The Big Indie Pitch @ The Games Hub

  16.02.2018   sharkinf   Update   No comments

The Games Hub (and Shark) is incredibly proud to be hosting The Big Indie Pitch on March the 1st at our Colchester studio. For a chance to not only win a

UKIE Hub Crawl

  14.02.2018   sharkinf   Update   No comments

The Games Hub is very proud to be hosting the UKIE Hub Crawl this week! You can find out more info here: And you can sign up here:

Big Indie Pitch news

  14.12.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

The Games Hub is moving the Big Indie Pitch to March 2018 to give more time to those wanting to take part to prepare. We’ll keep you updated with more

Big Indie Pitch and more

  24.11.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

The Games Hub will be hosting the Big Indie Pitch, plus Flitch games launches their first iOS title Klink. Check it all out at  

Development in Uganda and beyond

  21.08.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

The blog post of Stevens trip to Kampala to help start people on their road to games and app development is now on blog. There’s already been some amazing

Digital Festival

  3.08.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

An update! Even though it seems things may be quiet during the summer (with a serious lack of sun!), behind the scenes, as always, it’s busier than ever. Check out

Presentation Day!

  1.06.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

The Games Hub had an amazing presentation day last week, where the teams showed their company and games to our invited guests. Check out the full story on the hub

Rapture Gaming Festival

  19.05.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

This the weekend The Games Hub and the teams were at the excellent Rapture Gaming Festival. Check out all the details on The Games Hubs website.

Applications are still open!

  11.05.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

It’s amazing to think that in a couple of weeks time Shark will be 4 years old!! And as all things Games Hub smoothly move over to the main Hub

New Games Hub web site, the next round, sponsorship and more!

  6.04.2017   sharkinf   Update   No comments

There’s been so much going on it’s hard to keep up!! The Games Hub now has a lovely awesome new website, this will be the home for everything to do