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The start of round 4

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This week saw the start of the fourth round of The Games Hub. We have more then 30 new starters just beginning their time through to next summer developing their own games and businesses.

After a brief(ish) talk from Steven about the hub and what they can expect, Fazer from Teaboy and Mark from Sketchbook gave a great presentation and talk about their experience and careers so far. It was followed up by a brilliant group discussion about who everybody was and their studies, interests and expectations.

Over the coming weeks we’ll start forming the teams and working on their game ideas and business plans. It was an awesome first day and brilliant to see so many talented and enthusiastic people. It’s going to be an amazingly exciting round!!!

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The Games Hub round 4 starts next week!

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Next week sees our amazing Games Hub start its 4th round!


We’ll have more than 30 new aspirational starters taking part as the multi award-winning programme kicks off on Wednesday. They’ll be joining the current teams just as we move into our new studio space in a couple of weeks time. It’s with huge thanks to both the current teams and the University of Essex that all this is possible. The new building gives us both a workshop room for the new teams and more dedicated office space for the current ones, we’ll have more hardware (and decent stuff too!) and a meeting room!


We’re still looking for a marketing intern to join us to run the websites and all things press, publicity and social media, once someone is in place the much needed new websites and migration of all thing Games Hub should get done.

Obligatory press release below.

University’s new ‘Games Hub’ to help young developers to ‘level up’

Will the next ‘Halo’ and ‘Minecraft’ come from Essex?

The Eastern region’s best and brightest young games developers will be given a massive chance to ‘level up’ their performance in a free support programme that launches this month.

On Wednesday 23 November, the ‘Games Hub’ – created by veteran games designer Steven Huckle in partnership with the University of Essex and supported by Eastern Enterprise – will showcase home-grown talent and the opportunities available to local games designers. Building on its recent success – which has seen five companies established in its first 18 months – the Games Hub will be demonstrating what local talent can do.

There will be a chance to see new video and play-throughs from the games under development, meet the young entrepreneurs behind them and talk to Steven Huckle – whose work includes some of the all-time great games including Tomb Raider, FIFA, The Sims, DJ Hero and Transformers Universe.

Steven says, “The University has been incredibly forward thinking and really helping to make a difference to this. In the future Colchester will be competing with the likes of London, Brighton and Cambridge more as one of the major leading hubs of games and app development.”

“This is a free expert driven programme for those with aspirations to work in or set up their own games/app company. In the first 2 years I’ve had more than 50 people take part and have successfully helped 5 teams found their own company.”


#EnglandisCreative with Creative England and ITV

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Huge thanks to Creative England and their England is Creative campaign and to ITV for showing the awesome piece on their news channel and the mention of Shark.

If you’re not aware of all the amazing stuff Creative England does check out their website

You can watch the video here or below



Innovation 50 winner

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As mentioned in our previous post, Shark in incredibly proud to win another amazing award, Innovation 50.

It’s a list of 50 small and medium sized businesses reads as a veritable who’s who of the county’s innovative businesses. It includes companies as diverse as a lampshade manufacturer, video games developers, high-tech manufacturers and even a company which delivers afternoon tea to your home.

50 of the county’s brightest and most innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have just been identified as part of a three year business project.

Innovation 50 is a joint initiative between Essex County Council’s Essex Innovation Programme (EIP) and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) to support business growth in Essex.

Of course none of this would be possible without all the amazing support we have  and the brilliant people and teams taking part!

You can find out more details on the following websites


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