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Novo Games, Birketts and Develop 2016

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It’s been a busy few weeks despite the quietness around the studio with the summer holidays being here.

Firstly huge congrats to Novo Games with their second game release Mirror Dash now available on iOS, which you can/MUST download from HERE, or search for it on the appstore.

And an awesome interview with George courtesy of the University of Essex, you can watch that HERE.

George Negoita

Birketts LLP

The hub also had another excellent visit from Quentin and Jolyon from Birketts. They both covered a huge range of vitally important aspects to setting up and running a business, from IP ownership, to copyright and trademarks, through to contracting and employment. As always sharing such incredibly important and vital information with the teams!

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Finally, it was Develop:Brighton 2016 where a group of us headed down to enjoy the conference, meet up with old friends, make new contacts and see everything else that’s going on in the world and business of games. Lots of VR was the most noticeable, but also a feeling that the indie and smaller developers are still going strong and increasing in numbers!

IMG_20160712_162927_1280x7202016-07-12 14.44.08 IMG_20160712_142230_1280x7202016-07-13 11.27.43 2016-07-13 11.28.13 2016-07-13 11.28.39 2016-07-13 12.00.15 2016-07-13 12.01.05 2016-07-13 12.49.43 2016-07-13 12.50.05

Sketchbook Games showed off Lost Words and finally announced that the amazing and talented Rhianna Pratchett is writing the story.


Also, Heidi getting the BIGGEST salad for one we’ve ever seen!


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