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Presentation skills with Barclays

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Andy Murphy from Barclays (joined by Simon and Gareth) gave the teams and excellent presentation on, well, presentation skills, covering everything from what you wear, through how you speak to the importance of a smiling.

IMG_20160615_151821 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_145717 (1280x720)  IMG_20160615_144749 (1280x720)  IMG_20160615_144358 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_144216 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_144121 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_144007 (1280x720)  IMG_20160615_143648 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143623 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143622 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143507 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143424 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143419 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143341 (1280x720) IMG_20160615_143326 (1280x720)


Huge(ish) update!

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This last couple of weeks have been rather busy for everyone, not just with developing their games and businesses but also rather a lot of exams being done! Last week the teams presented updates of their projects with some videos, screenshots and blog updates from them to share below.

Also, in other news, Forth State has hired an awesome artist and programmer and won another much deserved award for their game The Last Word; Teaboy Games show off their new game Pendulum; And Novo Games are back with a bang and close to the global launch of their second game Mirror Dash!

Games Hub based games company Fourth State have recently hired artist Sidonie Maria and programmer Audrey Profit. 
At the Intel Buzz workshop on 4th June the company’s game The Last Word was voted as Best Game in Show by the attendees winning them an Intel NUC


Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook!


Teaboy Games have made their latest game Pendulum and made the beta available for people to play test.

Pendulum Header

Screen 1 v2

Novo Games second game Mirror Dash is now heading it’s way through soft launch towards it’s global release.

Nysko Games – Blog

Hello world!

26th May 2016	Martyn Hinson & Perry Monschau
We're probably overdue a blog.. and I'm 'great' at starting them so lets get straight to it. We (Nysko Games) have been hard at work on our first game. It's a mixture of genres: mostly Real-Time-Strategy, with elements of Tower-Defence, Sandbox, and a pinch of RPG sprinkled on top. I know genres can be shy around one another but we're hoping we can break the ice with a bit of comedy!

Our project started with a simple idea, to watch little characters going about their business; mining for resources, eating, sleeping and building themselves a little home underground. Since then we've been building on the idea, adding new elements and mechanics we like, and taking some inspiration from our favourite childhood games! There's still a long way to go before the game's ready, but we're happy with how it's turned out so far, and we're determined to go the full distance. 

So until then, we'll try to blog every week; if you're interested in our project, stay tuned!

Some smaller updates from the other teams.

Invisible Retreating Cows have updated their Facebook page and posted a WIP video on YouTube. showing off Rhythm-Ocalypse. Follow them on Twitter as well @RetInvCows.

Basic gameplay of the game

Enki Games should be unveiling their new website very shortly and sharing some footage of Mole Masher.

Liquor Studios game Elixir is coming along brilliantly and we should be able to show you some screenshots and footage in the near future!

And finally some photos of the teams giving their game updates!

IMG_20160601_140343 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_140202 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_140128 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_140125 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_140032 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135827 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135619 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135617 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135438 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135358 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135248 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135247 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135246 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135241 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_135226 (1024x576)  IMG_20160601_134943 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134939 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134845 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134729 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134657 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134557 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134408 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134217 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_134215 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133938 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133808 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133643 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133629 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133557 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133514 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133431 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133403 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_133209 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132923 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132915 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132848 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132828 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132726 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132627 (1024x576) IMG_20160601_132623 (1024x576)

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