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Innovation Martlesham visits

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This week the hub was given two excellent talks from Nicky Daniels and Jim Milne from Innovation Martlesham. They covered everything from investments through to how you develop and idea into a product and beyond.

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We have computers! And Louise from Marketing Fox gives a talk

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With a huge amount of thanks to the University of Essex we’re over the moon to now have our own computers for the teams! This makes a huge difference to everyone and even better makes us even more open to people who want to take part in the next round.

IMG_20160406_095438_1280x720 IMG_20160406_100138_1280x720

The teams were also given a wonderful talk with a good mix of discussion by Louise from Marketing Fox on all things, well, marketing! Everything from social media to advertising along with a good dose of self reflection on where and what the teams are currently doing and planning on doing in the future.

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