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Dlala in the hub

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Last week the ever awesome AJ from Dlala joined us at the hub for most of the day. Not only giving the teams a great talk on his and Dlalas history but also getting to know the teams, looking at the projects and giving some invaluable advice!

Everything is going superbly well and all of the teams show such a huge amount of talent and potential they might even follow in the footsteps of the outstanding Teaboy Game (who set the bar so incredibly high!).

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One month in

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We’re now a month in and things a moving along wonderfully!

Everyone is now in a team, their projects decided on and designs well under way. This week all of the teams chose their team names and game titles (well most of them 😉 ).

The 6 teams we have are:

  • Ansuz Studios – Game name TBD
  • Worth It – <Redacted>
  • Quill Games – Popa
  • Wizard Beard Games – Elixir
  • Venatus – Septarian
  • Retreating Invisible Cows – Game name TBD

We’ll share more info on all the games and their progress over the coming weeks.

Also a reminder that the next IDM is happening next month on the 16th, reserve your tickets here IDM-Colchester

IMG_20160210_143224_copy IMG_20160210_143219_copy IMG_20160210_142845_copy IMG_20160210_142553_copy IMG_20160210_142547_copy IMG_20160210_142545_copy IMG_20160210_143308_copy

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