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SquareEnix and team formations

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This week we had another great visit from Ian Turnbull from Square Enix. He gave the teams his always superb insight into the industry and development as well as taking a look at their games, as the ideas and designs really start to take shape.

The teams are now all but set and those game ideas are now forming into more detailed written designs. Now we have more people taking part and with the longer programme it means there’s much more freedom for everyone to get settled and for the teams to be formed with more consideration, it gives more time for the ideas and designs to get more attention to detail. As such there will be 6 (yes SIX!) teams from our awesome new cohort of budding, talented and aspirational games makers!

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Shark a top 10 future leader

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Go Shark!!!

Note the name at the top 🙂

Proud doesn’t begin to describe how chuffed I am at not only being nominated for the Creative England top 50 future leaders, but even more to be in the top 10!

As we start our 3rd round, with the help and invaluable support of the Eastern Enterprise Hub, things like this only help prove that the need for more (to coin a great CE phrase) “disruptive” approaches to industries work beyond measure. To then have that confirmed and supported by the likes of Google and Facebook and to be alongside the other superb other 50 businesses making a huge difference is amazing and inspiring.

None of this could be done without all the help, support, advice and more importantly belief in what we are doing. 2016 is already shaping up to be a brilliant year (and we’re not even a month in!).

You can read find out more information in the links below.


The third round!

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The Games Hub starts 2016 with its new extended round of its unique games development with our 3rd round of the programme, with these inspirational and talented people. It kicked off last week with our first day together, all getting to know each other and talking about games and all our plans for the rest of the year.

IMG_20160113_104127_copy IMG_20160113_104129_copy IMG_20160113_104149_copy IMG_20160113_104151_copy IMG_20160113_120904_copy IMG_20160113_131253_copy IMG_20160113_132053_copy IMG_20160113_132058_copy IMG_20160113_134720_copy IMG_20160113_134723_copy IMG_20160113_144911_copy IMG_20160113_144915_copy IMG_20160113_144920_copy

The 24 new developers are the lucky ones taking part in this very special programme over the next 40 weeks, where they’ll be hot on the heels of the superb Teaboy and Novo games guys, developing their own projects and business plans.

Sadly we’ve not had the chance to move over to our new Games Hub website, yet, but we’ll keep this one updated with all the teams progress in the meantime.

There’s much more planned for this year as well, on top of the usual amazing speakers, mentors and tutors, well be working closely with the guys at Doubleup Gaming for an even bigger IDM as well as a Games Hub event happening later in the year.

Now all we need is more desks and chairs and hope we don’t run out of team coffee and biscuits!

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