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Fallen is out!! and Ian from Square-Enix visits

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Hot on the heels of Novos release of Bobblehead Mania comes the beautiful and simply addictive iOS game Fallen from Teaboy Games.

It goes without saying how proud and happy all those at the hub are, even more impressive to see where they’ve all come from since last October when we first started!

Grab it here;

Windows and Android versions will be coming soon!

We were also joined by the wonderful Ian Turnbull from Square-Enix, where everyone was given an amazing insite into the world of mobile gaming and the business side as well as a chance for Ian to catch up with older teams and meet the new guys and gals and see their projects.

IMG_20150826_110222 IMG_1143 IMG_20150826_135241 IMG_1140 IMG_20150826_132107 IMG_1142 IMG_20150826_134640




Bobblehead Mania is out!

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Novo Games launched their first game Bobblehead Mania on iOS and Android today!

Huge congratulations to them, it’s a big milestone to achieve and they should be very proud of themselves. To go from starting at the hub last October to setting up their own company and now launching their first title is a testament to not just the hub and its experts but the dedication, hard work and skills shown by the team. Nice one guys!

Grab it from here!


BBC TV, expert visits and websites

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Teaboy Games were interviewed by BBC Look East with their piece being aired on Tuesday 25th August. They also have up coming features in the Colchester Gazette and the East Anglian Daily Times (we’ll keep you posted)!

A few more websites have also got previews and reviews on Fallen

just in time for its imminent launch.

They also posted out their first round of free teabags (check out their twitter)!


The hub was also visited by the always cool guys from Dlala and the heroically awesome Sav from Microsoft.

IMG_1121 IMG_1120 IMG_1072 IMG_1065 IMG_20150819_144018s IMG_20150819_144011s IMG_20150819_143950s

Some of the new teams now have their basic websites up and running with details about themselves and the games they are making.

Zoetropic and their game ‘Riotous’

Randomly Selected with ‘Nim Garden’


Lost Donkey Studios with ‘LetterSpin’

Enki Studios and Laminated Insect will have theirs up in the very near future (wont you guys 😉 )!

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