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Launch dates and graduations

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It’s been a busy and exciting week for the original teams as they both get ready for their full game launch!

Novo Games ‘Bobblehead Mania’ is currently available in both the UK and New Zealand for those who want an early sneak peak and the Teaboy guys ‘Fallen‘ is due out on the 27th August! We’ll keep you posted on all the news and reviews as they happen.



It’s so impressive to see both teams develop such great and polished titles in such a short space of time, even more so as these are the first games they’ve ever made. And not just because of the amazing help, advice and support from those who help the hub and the wonderful experts, but it’s testament to teams and their own talent and skills! Looking back over the last 8 months or so and seeing just how much they’ve achieved, is truly outstanding.

August is going to be an extremely proud month for everyone involved!


This week the hub also saw the join graduation of those taking part in the Eastern Enterprise Hubs entrepreneur programmes along side the games devs. The work the EEHub does is outstanding and they really are making a significant difference for people wanting to set up their own business.

And without them the Games Hub wouldn’t be what it is today.

IMG_20150730_110715 IMG_20150730_094737 IMG_20150730_121707 IMG_20150730_121722 IMG_20150730_121737 IMG_20150730_121817 IMG_20150730_121839IMG_20150730_102219

This blog might be a little quiet over the next couple of weeks with the holidays. Next week we’ll be adding the new teams websites and giving you an update on their games.


First game glimpses and Expert day with Steve Stopps

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This week a couple of the teams started to show what they’re working on as well as sharing some information about the people working on their games.

Lost Donkey Studios

Working on their game ‘Letterspin’.

“LetterSpin is a easy to learn, difficult to master puzzle game..”


And their game ‘Riotous’.

“Riotous is a modern take on the classic arcade maze style game. Players will incite, grow and guide a rioting crowd around a metropolitan city while causing as much chaos and destruction as possible and evading the authorities”

We’ll post more as the other teams start getting in a position to show more.


We we’re also joined for the day by Steve Stopps from Arch Creatives. Steve once again spent time with the new teams offering some invaluable insights and experience on games and the industry, as well as catching up with the Teaboy guys!



Develop Conference 2015

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SiC and the Teaboy Games team headed down to Brighton this week for the 10th Develop Conference.

It was great to catch up with so many old friends and colleagues and to make even more new ones, far to many to mention.

Teaboys game Fallen went down and absolute storm and was enjoyed by all,  happening at this perfect time just before launch (eh guys, launch?!).

There were some superb talks to be had as well as the odd drink or 2..3…4 in the evening…*hic* plus a very odd alternative to ‘vinegar’ (see last pic)

You can find out more about the conference itself on their website

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Expert day with Derek from Kuju

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We were joined this week by Derek De Filippo from Kuju. The teams, both new an old, were given a great insight into Kuju’s gaming fund and Derek had a chance to see some of the new games in progress and the ones close to release.

Sadly techincal issues meant using the laptop to present on!


IMG_20150708_114843 IMG_20150708_115711 IMG_20150708_115715 IMG_20150708_120156   IMG_20150708_113844 IMG_20150708_113848 IMG_20150708_113858 IMG_20150708_113921 IMG_20150708_114019


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