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29/06/2015 article on the Hub

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The awesome guys at

doubleupgaming-website-logo-2015 have put their article about the hub available on their website.

Check it out here

It’s a great insight into what the hub is all about and the people that make it all work.



Expert day with Dan from Tundra games

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The awesome Dan from Tundra Games visited the Hub to spend time with the teams both old and new.

Catching up on the imminent releases of Teaboy Games ‘Fallen’ and Novo Games ‘Bobblehead Mania’. As well as meeting the new guys and gals as they start developing their games further, adding more detail to the designs and business plans and work on prototype mechanics.

You can get Tundra Games superb game ‘Rapture’ on iOS now here

App Store


IMG_20150624_122750 IMG_20150624_114654 IMG_20150624_125429 IMG_20150624_145144 IMG_20150624_113442 IMG_20150624_125427 IMG_20150624_145035


Expert day with Birketts &

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Quentin and Jolyon from Birketts came into the hub to share their vast amount knowledge and experience of the legal sides of gaming and running a company.

Talking to the teams about everything from the importance of I.P. ownership and business aspects like employment law.


IMG_0994 IMG_0997 IMG_4014


The hub was also visited by Daniel from who came to see what it’s all about and what the teams are up to. An with article including the interviews will follow soon.

We also have to thank them for some great photos!



Filming for “Essex Means Business” campaign

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The wonderful guys from Deadline Communications spent the morning at the hub filming for the Essex Means Business campaign.

There was some truly amazing acting to be had. We’ll post the video as soon as we can.

IMG_20150610_111922 IMG_20150610_111938 IMG_20150610_112623 IMG_20150610_112748 IMG_20150610_112923 IMG_20150610_113156 IMG_20150610_115709 IMG_20150610_115832

Games wise, now the exams (for those taking them) are all but done and out of the way, it’s heads down into development!


Made in Creative UK & game launch preperations

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We were sent some natty stuff from the Made in Creative UK guys, if you don’t know what it’s about check out their website;

Made in Creative UK is a campaign whose aim to increase awareness of video game and digital media development in the United Kingdom.”

And the Teaboy guys get ever closer to the launch of their game Fallen, to be hotly followed by the Novo team with Bobblehead Mania.

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