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Week 3 and a talk from Teaboy Games

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Now the teams are set their game ideas are starting to be designed out, along with schedules and asset lists, plus beginning the outline of their business plans.

They were also treated to a great talk from the Teaboy guys. They spoke about their experience over the last 8 months at the hub, from their beginnings (like the current teams are going through) onto their route through developing their awesome game Fallen. Sharing all the things they went through, such as cutting the game back, redesigning the art and monetisation (plus a ton more in-between). With enough time at the end for some really great questions from the new teams!

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Game ideas and formation of the teams

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This week was a focus on who was going to be making what. Game ideas and designs were pitched and talked about, with some awesome ones being put forward. A range of simple, fun puzzles through to larger RPG style and many in between. From those ideas and discussions we got the teams together and set them up, 6 of them!

It’s going to be an amazing 6 months!

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Meet the new teams

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IMG_1209smlLast week the hub started it’s next run with this wonderfully beautiful bunch!

They are all going to be following in the admirable footsteps of Teaboy Games and Novo Games. Who after their six months on the programme have gone on to set up not only their own companies but just as importantly are also about the launch their first games!

Although that isn’t all of them due to exam commitments, but we’ll be sure to try and snap a few pictures of them along the way. We’ll be keeping a record of their progress right here.

And as always, we are always open to anyone who would like to come and give a talk, spend time with the teams, or just be nosy and see what we’re up to 🙂

Just send us a mail!


Teaboy Games at Radio 1!

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The Teaboy Games guys spend the day in Norwich showing of the awesome game Fallen! The visitors got to play the game as well as getting one of the amazing Teaboy Games tea bag!!

This was all part of Radio 1s academy running alongside their Big Weekend.

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Radio 1 and the second round!

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This week Teaboy Games will be up at Radio 1s Academy in Norwich for the R1 Big Weekend, where they’ll be showing off the awesome Fallen! Drop by and say hi, you might even be able to get a much coveted Teaboy Games Tea Bag as well as a chance to play Fallen.


You can find out more details about the academy on the BBC website.

AND! The hub is also starting the second round of it’s programme that will follow on from the HUGE success of the last six months. The 20 budding developers will be taking part in another six months of games dev and business planning, as well as even more experts sharing their invaluable experience and knowledge with them.


The hubs next round!

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Next Wednesday (the 13th) we’ll be starting the next round of the games hub!

Following on from the amazing success of both Teaboy Games and Novo Games setting up their own development companies, we’ve got another 20 budding developers starting aiming to follow in their footsteps. Expect to see a lovely photo of happy and nervous faces from their first day.

We should also be moving into a much bigger building (and maybe even get a better sign), to give us more space for “#gamedev & #indiedev”. It’s going to be another amazing 6 months as we continue to build games development in the region!

Don’t forget, we’re always interested in anyone who’d like to visit, either as a professional to share your wisdom and experience or just have an interest in seeing what everyone is up to and how the hub works.

Please feel free to contact us on or via the contact page.


Last day to apply

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Today is the last day for people to apply for a place at the games hub!

You can apply directly through survey monkey here;

Or sending an email to or

The hub and it’s programme are open to everyone with aspirations to set up their own games company. Whether you’ve never made a game before or have many years experience and want to go it alone or anywhere in between!


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