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BBC Radio Essex on the hub

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A great insight into the teams and people at the hub on BBC Radio Essex, Dave Monk show.

You’ll need to skip to 40 minutes and 30 seconds in to hear it.



Announcing the next round!

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Following on from such a hugely successful first run we’re looking for people who would like to take part in the next round.

Starting in the first week of May we have space for around 30 people to join us at the hub. The programme will run for 6 months and will see successful participants form teams and develop a prototype game and business plan. All whilst being guided and supports by experts from the world of business and gaming.

We’ll be running interviews during April and we have 2 information days on the 15th at 11am and the 22nd at 1pm. Which you can book here;

Wednesday 15 April 2015, 11:00am-12:00pm
Wednesday 22 April 2015, 1:30pm-2:30pm

For more information see the Eastern Enterprise Hub site here; or our page here;

And for those wanting to apply to take part fill out the form here;

Or send an email to or

Don’t forget to follow us and the Easter Enterprise Hub on Twitter and Facebook for regular news and updates.




The big day and the next round!

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Yesterday the teams finally got to show off everything they’ve achieved since we started the hub in October.

They presented their games and businesses to all of our visitors with great confidence and knowledge. What they’ve all done in the past 6 months is amazing and have gone from little or no development experience through to demonstrable products (and more), business plan and companies set up!

There’s a huge list of people that need thanking, from our supporters to the experts. All who have given up not only their time, but their vast amount of experience and knowledge. Having the likes of SquareEnix and Microsoft along side BDO and Birketts is invaluable. Plus the multitude of people from local developers like Tundra to trade bodies like UKIE and others to numerous to mention. The hub and the teams would never have gotten as far or done so well without it all, saying thank you doesn’t seem strong enough a word!

There’s also been a vast amount of learning for everyone involved and all of that has really helped inform and shape the future for the hub and how we help businesses get started and prosper in the region.

All of that also gave us the opportunity to announce that we’re going to be starting another round beginning in May!

We’ll be running interviews with prospective people during April and have 2 info days on the 15th at 11am and the 22nd at 1pm, more info will be posted nearer to the time. And we’ll make some more announcements with details over the coming days. For more info please email

Finally, some photos of the day.


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Presentation day tomorrow!

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After 6 months of hard work, insightful experts, and far to many biscuits and cups of tea (well brewed in the Teaboys case 😉 ), tomorrow is the last day for the three teams taking part in the very first games hub!

Novo, Fateweaver and Teaboy Games will be showing what amazing work they’ve done with their games, business plans and pitches. From the awkward silences at the start, to full on game development companies and their helping shape the future of the hub and games development in the region.

We’ll do a much bigger update following on from the big day tomorrow plus, there will be an announcement and news on what’s coming up next!

Meet the gang!


Presentation day…1 week to go

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This time next week the teams will have finished their presentation day and the first for the hub.

After an amazing 6 months, a LOT of hard work and some superb expert days, their pitches are almost done (aren’t they guys and gals!) and game demos playable, all ready for the big day!

I’ll also be able to give some news on the hubs next intake, more details next week 😉

Finally, ff there is anyone who would like to join us next week or would like any more information about what the whole studio is about, please send an email to


Presentation day prep

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On the 25th the hub will be hosting it’s first presentation day.

Each of the teams will be showing off their games and business plans in the form of an investment pitch. And they’re all hard at work preparing for the big day.

Novo Games will be showing endless runner Bobblehead Mania


Fateweaver will have their story driven game Duality


And Teaboy games puzzler Fallen


If anyone outside of those invited is interested in joining us for the day, please contact us on


Another amazing expert day!

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A very full and fruitful day covering accounting and games dev with Peter Disney from Wood and Disney accountants and the awesome Salvatore from Microsoft.

IMG_20150304_141647 IMG_20150304_155512 IMG_20150304_141634 IMG_20150304_135538 IMG_20150304_155514 IMG_20150304_135552

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