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A day with Dlala!

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The wonderful AJ and Chris from Dlala ( joined the teams for most of the day. Helping them with their projects, giving them invaluable advice and help, plus a great talk on their history and experience so far.
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Games update and screen shots

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Just a quick update to show how some of the games being developed by the teams in the studio are coming along.


First up the Teaboy Games ‘Fallen’.

Menu_Logo Level_Select Orange_1 Purple_1 Green_1 Orange_2 Purple_2 Green_2


And Novo games ‘Bobblehead Mania’.

Screen 2-Blue Screen 3 Screen 6 Screen 10 Screen 8.2 Screen 4.1


Don’t forget you can follow all the projects from each of the teams on their blogs;


Expert day with Lee from Microsoft

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Lee Stott from Microsoft joined us yesterday giving the teams some invaluable advice and help with their projects, as well as taking us through a few of the plans MS have for the future.


IMAG1974 IMAG1969 IMAG1970 IMAG1971 IMAG1973  IMG_0580IMAG1968 IMG_0586


Early access to Teaboy Games Fallen!

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The incredibly hard working and talented Teaboy guys have a great update for anyone who like an early play of their game Fallen.


Happy new year!!!

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Happy New Year


We hope everyone had a great break, we’re looking forward to our run up to March as all the teams get their games, business plans and pitches together.

There are also many more experts coming in and we should be able to let people interested in joining us for the next run of the programme when and how to apply, so watch this space!


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